L0.9 --- Level 0.9 FITS data
QL   --- daily quick-look movies

Data Policy:

1. SUTRI's high-level scientific data is completely open to the community. As SUTRI is carried by a non-solar dedicated spacecraft and has no imaging stabilizing system, some images only show part of the Sun. Minor residual misalignment and slight rotation of images can also be occasionally identified from the data. If you have questions about the data, please contact the science team at NAOC and PKU. We welcome data users to contribute data processing and analysis softwares, as SUTRI is not officially funded.

2. We also encourage data users to collaborate with SUTRI's team members for scientific research, although this is not required. To acknowledge SUTRI's data in publications, please use the following statement: "SUTRI is a collaborative project conducted by the National Astronomical Observatories of CAS, Peking University, Tongji University, Xi'an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics of CAS and the Innovation Academy for Microsatellites of CAS."

3. SUTRI's images and videos can be used for non-commercial purposes. Please mention SUTRI or SUTRI's logo when using the data.

The images and data from the archive of Solar Upper Transition Region Imager (SUTRI) can be freely downloaded as public data. However, any public use, web based or paper publication of those data must include an explicit credit to the source: Courtesy of SUTRI, NAOC & PKU.

4. If you use the data/images in any publications, please refer to the following paper:

• Bai, X.Y., Tian, H., Deng, Y.Y., Wang, Z.S., Yang, J.F., Zhang, X.F., et al.: The Solar Upper Transition Region Imager (SUTRI) Onboard the SATech-01 satellite, 2023, RAA, 23(6), 065014.

5. The following research projects have been assigned to several undergraduate and 1st-year graduate students. Please avoid doing the same projects.

(1) ubiquitous downflows along loop legs
(2) small-scale transient brightenings in the quiet Sun
(3) 2022-09-20 5:00-6:40 partial eruption of splitting filament
(4) 2022-09-27 18:00 to 09-28 06:00 case study of solar filament eruption
(5) 2022-09-27/29 atmospheric heating caused by failing filament materials
(6) 2022-10-11 06:00-16:00 magnetic reconnection between loops and coronal rain